Jane Savoie

Life is stressful so here’s a little tip to help you relax and enjoy. BREATHE! Inhale for a slow count of five and exhale for a slow count of five. Put your hand on your stomach and feel your stomach expand as you inhale. (It feels like you’re getting “fat” because you’re lowering your diaphragm.) As you inhale, breathe in positive thoughts and images. As you exhale, expel all the negative garbage from your mind and body. Here are some examples to get you started. Inhale love for your family and your animals. Exhale feeling overwhelmed. Inhale a bunch of plus signs (+ + + +). Exhale a string of minus signs (- – – -). Inhale gratitude. Exhale worry. Inhale abundance thoughts. Exhale scarcity thoughts. Inhale joy. Exhale fear. Inhale peace. Exhale anger. Get the picture?

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One Response to Jane Savoie

  1. Hey Jane-y!

    Great reminder today to use that quick little relaxing breathing exercise to give oneself a soothing reprieve from whatever is going on.

    I just sent the reference to Bichon Rescue volunteers throughout North America. . . people who give so much of themselves tin saving lives that it is often at great expense to their overall health. Thank you for this gift.

    My beloved bay mare ‘Nonchalance’ (now 25 yrs old) has been diagnosed with Cushings disease but is doing well with meds.

    love, ‘Joyous’ Gaile Avent
    from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mtns

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