Jane Savoie

Woohoo!! Get ready! My new little motivational/inspirational book, A Winning Attitude, is about to hit the book shelves. As soon as it’s available, I’ll put it up on my website, http://www.janesavoie.com. It’s chock full of tips to jump start your attitude!

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2 Responses to Jane Savoie

  1. Julie Murray says:

    Hey Jane, I went to the Mane Event this weekend and really got a lot out of your clinics. I went to my dressage lesson today feeling very empowered and full of positive energy and thoughts. I thank you for that. Also, I am working on my laws of attraction already. I started an equine videography business a year ago and keep making excuses for myself. After this weekend, I am going to say everyday, “I am the most sought after equine videographer in the country!” I know I am, but the rest of the world needs to hear it and believe it. Thanks for your work Jane. You have impacted me more than you know.
    Julie Murray

  2. Joni Solis says:

    the title to this posting could be: ‘A Winning Attitude’ my new book is about to be released!

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