Attitude adjustment

I learned from Peak Performance coach, Anthony Robbins, that when things get overwhelming, the best way to give yourself an attitude adjustment is to ask high quality questions. When you ask low quality questions, your brain searches for an answer and can only come up with low quality answers. Here are some low quality questions: “Why am I always pulling on the left rein?” “How come I always forget my course (test, pattern)?” The only kind of answer you can get to those low quality questions are ones like, “Because I’m an uncoordinated jerk!” or “Because I don’t function well under pressure.” Those kinds of questions just leave you frustrated and stressed out. (***Notice that those questions start with the words “Why? “ or “How come?”)

Instead, get yourself out of your funk by ASKING A BETTER QUESTION such as, “What’s good about this?”, “What can I learn from this?”, or How can I use this?” Your answers will surely empower you.

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