The Law of Attraction in Action!

If you’ve read any of the material on the Law of Attraction, you’ll understand what I mean when I mention signs, coincidences, or synchronicity. Here’s a great story about signs that I’d like to share with you. I have been a big fan of Tony Robbins’ work for a long time. I had read his books and listened to his Personal Power tape series. A few years ago, I was excited to learn that he had produced a new series, Get The Edge. I purchased the tapes, and they came with a $100 off coupon for one of his live seminars. His schedule of events was also enclosed. I was so excited to see that he would be in Orlando, Florida in a month. I was in West Palm Beach, Florida at the time, and I thought, “When am I ever going to be this close to this guy that I can actually drive rather than fly to see him?” I called the company, told them I had a $100 off coupon, and asked how much the program would cost. I almost fell over when they said $989 (…and that was with the coupon!) Having just moved to a new house, I had racked up quite a few credit card charges, and didn’t know if I could pay for the seminar. But I decided to call Mastercard to see how much credit I had left. Imagine my surprise and delight when this little mechanical voice said, “You have $989 of available credit.” That’s right. Not $988. Not $990. I had EXACTLY what I needed to go to the seminar. Talk about signs! It was a no-brainer. (By the way, the seminar was a fabulous, life-changing experience and worth every penny.) FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, go to and click on New!

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  1. Very interesting site… I wish I could write like you! Miky

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