The Law of Attraction in Action

Hi All!
I just got back from an awesome seminar for the Chesapeake Dressage Association on The Fear Factor. I wanted to share part of an email from a seminar participant with you. Enjoy!
I was introduced to the Law of Attraction about 8 months ago or so and have been working hard to put it to use in my life. I have watched “The Secret” several times, have listened to CDs by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield and find that it really does work! And I really love the idea of a gratitude journal. That has helped me tremendously because I could wallow in self-pity with the best of them. Now I find I get impatient with folks who spend more time looking for the bad in their life and can’t figure out why they keep getting more of it…..

I think dressage riders tend to be a bit negative because we can always make that circle a little rounder, that half-pass have more crossing, the changes be more uphill and on and on. It has helped my riding tremendously to keep being grateful for what I have and picturing what I want out of my rides. Now I really look forward to what the universe has brought me today!

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