The Emotional Freedom Technique

My Emotional Freedom Technique guru, Brad Yates wrote this fun article. Hope you enjoy it. Check Brad out at

We just got all new bedroom furniture for my daughter. After
my son got a bunk bed, my daughter wanted one, too. Typical.

Some friends of ours were getting all new bedroom furniture for
their oldest son, and asked if we wanted his old set. Now, this is
a cool set, and includes a great bunk bed with shelves and a desk.
My daughter loved it. (In fact, my son was saying, “Hey – that’s
cool – I should have that, and she can have my bed!”)

Anyhow, my daughter manifested this… and it didn’t cost her
(or us) a cent. Focus on what you want – not just the money
that you think you need to get what you want.

But, that wasn’t the point I was planning to make.

So this past Sunday we made plans to get the furniture. At the
last moment it struck me… we hadn’t taken apart my daughter’s
old bed…! (Which will conveniently go to my niece.)

We had manifested the bed, but had no place to put it yet.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, I wonder how much more quickly
we would have manifested the bedroom set if we had cleared her
old bed out before we knew where the new one was coming from….?

(Probably pretty quickly, as she probably would have been
complaining pretty loudly if we had just taken away her bed…!)

Anyhow, we quickly cleared her room, and now the new furniture
is in, and everyone is very happy.

So… all the stuff you want… got room for it…?

In order to have new furniture, you need to move the old
furniture out.

It’s that old metaphysical truth: “Two beds cannot occupy
the same space.”

Well, unless they’re bunk beds…

Anyhow… you get the point.

So, what about the new ideas you want to have…?

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the Zen Master who fills
a cup with tea, then says to his would-be student, “Your cup
is already too full… how can I put any more in? You must
first empty your cup.”

I understand Bruce Lee did this once, too – but used Coca Cola.
Same difference.

People often miss out on what could be amazing new information,
or transformational experiences, because we say, “I already know
all that.”

They’ve basically said, “My room is full, don’t bother me with
any new furniture – no matter how nice it might be.”

When new information shows up, consider that you may have
asked for that guidance. If you block it with “I already know that,”
that’s like ordering a hamburger, and then when it shows up
saying, “I’ve already eaten.”

Now, if you have already eaten, don’t eat more. But there’s
always room for new information – our brains have an amazing
capacity that few if any of us are even beginning to come close
to fully utilizing. And, you don’t have to adopt the new ideas –
but there is certainly no harm in hearing it. Chances are, if you
are open, you will gain at least something. Who knows – maybe
the opportunity has arisen so that you meet someone who will
enhance your life in ways you hadn’t even anticipated…

Maybe they have a cool set of furniture they want to give you.

Given that the Universe has limitless abundance, I don’t think
any of us has it as good as it can get. Not that I would encourage
dissatisfaction – far from it. I always encourage gratitude.
Acknowledge all the wonderful things you already have (give it
some thought, and you’re likely to find quite a few things!)
And… be open to whatever else the Universe has to offer.

And be ready to make room for it.

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