Prevent Injury Through Correct Stretching

Fitness Tip
As you probably know, I’m big into using a three-pronged attack to maintain fitness. Each week, I do two days of strength training, 3-4 days of some sort of cardio work (like walking interspersed with 10—20 second wind sprints…My knees don’t want me to jog steadily for a half hour), and daily stretching.
Stretching has been a particularly important part of my program ever since I injured a groin muscle in the early 1990’s. Since that time, I’ve become convinced that daily stretching has been the key to keeping me in the saddle without further injury.
I’ve just discovered an awesome new product that guides riders through the proper way to stretch so you can maintain flexibility and avoid injury. The Barn Stretch Poster makes stretching fun, easy, and convenient. Check it out at

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