A Worthy Cause

I received an email from one of the participants in my Fear Factor seminar. She’s having great results with some of the tools…and she also wanted to share info on a worthy cause.
Dear Jane,
First I wanted to tell you how I am using some of the
things you taught at the CDI clinic on The Fear Factor and how they are
working for me! I am really been focusing on how much more important it is
to visualize what you WANT to happen with your horse than what you are
AFRAID will happen and I think it has been helping my riding with a
particular schoolmaster I find a bit reactive and scary, but also a great
“teacher”. I also shared the EFT techniques with my college-age daughter.

I am also applying the “Law of Attraction” to my other (related) passion –
the Potomac Valley Dressage Association Ride for Life dressage benefit for
breast cancer research that I founded – and that seems to be working as
well. It has been really growing. For info, look on our website, http://www.pvdarideforlife.org.

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