April Newsletter

Hang in there, Guys! The April newsletter is on it’s way–it’ll just be a bit late. I’ve been travelling a ton. Nebraska for the USDF Adult clinic last week, the Minnesota Winterfest in St Cloud this week and am heading out to Dressage University in Calgary, Canada early Thur. morning! I was so tired yesterday I went to fill my car up with gas and actually went to the drive-up window at the bank! (They didn’t have any gas!)

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3 Responses to April Newsletter

  1. Jo Perry says:

    Dear Ms. Savoie, I spent that rainy weekend in Nebraska (March 24-25) trying to soak up every word at the Region 4 clinic. You graciously mailed my set of 4 dvd’s (Train with Jane) in lightning speed – thank you – they contain all that you spoke about in the clinic in a clear and concise manner. I also wanted to thank you for letting me know that certain things that I want to accomplish in my life ARE possible and so I have made a list of short term, medium term, and one large long term goal. Many things have changed with me and my horses in the past 2 weeks – many connections are being made to already further my goals. You are an inspiration and I just wanted to say thanks! Yours truly in horses, Jo Perry

  2. Jane,

    I am an avid believer in clinics… go to as many as my time permits…have never walked away with such a clear understanding as i did this weekend. That is, after attending the region 8 clinic in CT.

    THANKS and my that is from my horses as well. NO mudd in my ride today.

    Fondly, Christine

  3. janesavoie says:

    Thanks, Guys!

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