Another Excerpt from my new book A Winning Attitude


The only reason we don’t go after our dreams is because we believe that our abilities are limited. The truth is that the “belief ceiling” is only in our imagination.

The following story illustrates that the “belief ceiling” is only in our minds. A friend of mine who is a schoolteacher tells of taking her students to the circus. At the circus, the kids saw huge elephants who placidly stayed in an open grazing area. They were restrained only by simple pegs and chains. She explained that the reason the elephants didn’t just pull up the stakes and run was because originally they were trained as youngsters. When they were little, no matter how hard they pulled, they weren’t strong enough to free themselves. After repeatedly having no success, eventually they gave up because they BELIEVED THEY DID NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO BREAK FREE. They stayed enslaved by their belief in their own lack of power –just as many of us do not reach our potential because of beliefs that we are not strong enough, smart enough, athletic enough, old enough, young enough, talented enough, or wealthy enough to reach our dreams.

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” Think about it. If you truly believed that you’d succeed at everything you tried, what would stop you from “going for it”?

“One of ego’s favorite paths of resistance is to fill you with doubt.” Ram Dass

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