The Voice of the Horse Conference

Please help this amazing conference become a reality!
Online attendence is only $35, and this is for a webcast with no advertisements. Onsite attendence costs $379. The slate of presenters is exceptional. If the horse-human relationship has had an important impact on your life and if you’ve seen its importance in the lives of others, if you think it’s time to learn more about how horses and humans relate and what influences that relationship, and if you sense the possiblity such understanding can have on our lives with horses and everything around us — please mobilize your contact network to the get the word out today.

Please call and email your horse community friends and contacts, and tell them about the conference and how important it is, and ask them to register and to spread the word to everyone they know. Be sure to let them know about the support we’ve created to help the effort:
· Flyers can be downloaded and printed to hang in barns, show ring areas, tack stores, and other high-traffic places.
· An online banner can be used to put links to the conference website on people’s webpages.
· The conference website url provides general information and access to the full list of presenters and activities.

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