Riding in Three Part Harmony

The Central Vermont Dressage Association INC. Presents

August 25 and 26 at East Hill Farm
Plainfield, Vermont
See the Training Scale in a whole new light!

Jane Savoie and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen will lead you through the process of taking your riding to a new level. Remove your inhibitions and distractions and free yourself to find harmony with your horse using their techniques for
self-awareness and concentration.
Harness the power of music to make an octave leap in your harmony with your horse.
The clinic is aimed at developing harmony for all participants, whether they are riding or taking part as auditors. There will be lessons,presentations, techniques for freeing yourself from restraints in your riding, sessions on finding music that helps you to find your horse’s best rhythm so you can make your best harmony together.
Lessons and presentations in freestyle design and riding.
Lots of learning and participating opportunities for auditors.

Clinic entries open on July 14 and close August 18. Entry form and more information about the clinicians is available at http://www.cvda.org

For information about the farm and directions go to http://www.easthillfarm.org or call or e-mail the
Clinic Manager Kathie Moulton at 802 479-0858 or kathiemoulton@aol.com For more information about the clinicians go to: http://www.janesavoie.com and http://www.horsedaily.com

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One Response to Riding in Three Part Harmony

  1. Hi Jane, the videos are all great I am trying to start a blog specifically regarding equine nutrition throughout the US. I was hoping you’d have time to throw a note in there. Thanks.


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