Help One-Child-At-A-Time

Since I announced my new, exciting venture into Power Mall, I’ve had a lot of questions about the One Child Program. You can access my mall by clicking on:

Here’s more info on Ginny, the founder, and the program:
One-Child at a time is a bit like the Angel network. Selecting a child
to receive what she or he needs. A description of the program follows
and a bit about Ginny’s vision.

Ginny Dye // Founder & CEO
MPM (6 .5 % of profits are supporting One-Child-At-A-Time Program)

Ginny Dye – Ginny Dye’s background includes – being the author of many
books and articles – owning a Publishing Company – having 20 years of Sales
& Marketing Management – 18 years of involvement with youth – creating Internet
Marketing Systems – and the development of corporate training materials for
several companies.

She is passionate about her mission of changing the way Fund-Raising is done –
and the owner of Online companies – also designed to inspire and give back to the
world. Some examples of these companies are:

(3)- Together We Can Change The World, Inc:
(( scroll down to see the wonderful “101 Ways” eBooks! ))

A Change of Heart + Lost and Found Friends (at

Put Wings on your Dreams
Success – A Secret and A Formula—-A-Secret-and-A-Formula/Page1.html

eZine Articles (25+)

One Child at a Time Program

Explanation of the Program

MY POWER MALL has developed the One-Child-At-A-Time program where 6.5% of all corporate profits will be given to a child with a specific need. It might be a life-saving operation, a seeing-eye dog, a week at camp, or any other deserving need. We profile a child with a picture and story on your POWER MALL until enough money has been generated to meet the needs of that child. We then choose another child to help. We may not be able to help them all, but we CAN make a difference – One-Child-At-A-Time.

Do you know a child who needs our help? Obviously, we cannot help every child with a need, but we want to help as many as possible. Trying to choose which children we help would be an almost impossible task because we want to help them all. We do things a little differently. At the bottom of this page, you will be directed to a form that will provide all the information we need. Once you hit “submit” it will be directed to the person within MY POWER MALL who handles this program.

Every form that meets our criteria will be printed out. The name of the child will be put on a slip of paper and that slip of paper put into a bag along with all the other names. Every time we finish meeting the needs of one child, a slip will be chosen from the bag. That will be the child we pick next. I like to say “we allow the Universe to pick each child”!

Once a child has been selected, the Sponsor or the child’s family will be contacted for more information. Then our Director of Communication will speak with them and write a compelling story of the child, adding pictures so shoppers will get to know the child they are benefiting through their shopping.

I mentioned criteria above. Here they are:

* The child must be less than 18 years of age.
* We must understand just what we are generating money for.
* There must be a definitive amount of money requested (No open ended “just give me as much as possible.”)
* Each family will provide a picture of their child if he or she is chosen.
* Each Sponsor or family must realize there is no guarantee of funds. We will do everything we can to help each child but we can make no promises.
* Each Sponsor or family must realize we can make no promises of when funds will be received. Funds are generated as shopping occurs. From the time we profile the child, it will be 45-60 days before a check will be sent. We will send monthly checks until we have generated the agreed upon amount.

The bottom line is that we are eager to help as many children as possible and count on all of our MY POWER MALL members to help us find these children. If you know of a child we can help

What is My Power Mall?

The idea for MPM came during a massive 90 mph windstorm in Bellingham, WA in November of 2006. Holed up in a restaurant until the wind died down, Ginny Dye, our Founder & CEO, sketched out a new way to utilize the $500,000 computer system she and a team of 60 dedicated people have been developing and utilizing for almost five years. Her new plan filled the back of 4 paper place mats before she was done!

When she was done writing, she stared down at the sheets of paper and realized she was looking at a way to harness the power of online spending to change the lives of average Americans looking for financial freedom. She knew that 97% of people who try to find financial freedom through a home-based business fail. MY POWER MALL would be different! There were certain “Givens.”
It had to be FREE so every person who wanted to change their lives would have a chance.

It had to be simple.

It had to take away all the “business games” that kept most people from succeeding in a home-based business.

MPM is totally committed to changing the world. 6.5% of all corporate profits go into the One-Child-At-A-Time program helping needy children all over the country.

But that is just the beginning.

Our program will be used to help raise funds for Non-profit organizations, schools and churches all over America.

We are also proud to be partnered with Together We Can Change The World Day, a company committed to mobilizing millions to work in their communities the first Saturday of every month.

By becoming part of MY POWER MALL you are joining a much larger Family of people committed to making a difference in the world. Your achieving financial freedom excites us because we know we are helping to change your life! We hope that as you gain financial freedom you will find your own ways to give back!

Click on: to get to the mall.

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  3. dudosa says:

    Would like to have where to check names and history of children already helped through “Help-one-child-at-a-time” Programs -since it collects from the public online the information is of public record. Thank you!

  4. Rhona Dardy says:

    Our stick to your website regarding really pretty a as well as inform ones content articles constantly show to involving mixture and very good quality for visitors.

  5. Cruz Citrano says:

    pertaining to posting this, It’s actually exactly what I seeking upon aol. will be prefer to notice views through someone, instead of a corporate web site, that’s exactly why I like sites so much. Thanks!

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