Finally…Dressage Training Simplified!

Do you get frustrated by instructors who make dressage training mysterious and unclear? Do you wish someone would break things down so into a simple step-by-step, easy to follow system so that you could get the results you’ve always dreamed of achieving with your horse?

Here’s what Stacy Wilson from Maryland has to say about the Train with Jane dvd’s.

“Since the dvd’s arrived, I’ve started the first and second lessons with my 5yr old Arab/Holst cross. In one week our score went up almost 5% points from our last show to the one I had this past Sunday. The judge commented on how my horse was nicely forward and gave him very nice marks in that department. It’s truly amazing!
More importantly it’s helping me greatly since I don’t have a regular riding instructor and can watch the lessons anytime. My work and commuting schedule makes it difficult to work with anyone on a regular basis. But with these lessons I can watch them over and over whenever I have free time.
I love it. I also love how concise and simple you make everything and explain how and why it needs to be that way. This is something that is not always found in teaching, but is necessary to understand when you work on your own as much as I do.”

Because of your interest in dressage training, I want you to have the opportunity of adding Train with Jane volumes 1 and 2 to your resource library at the low price of $69.95. This offer expires on August 5. Due to rising production costs, after August 5, they will only be available for $97.

To order now, click on

Live Your Dreams!

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2 Responses to Finally…Dressage Training Simplified!

  1. Julie says:

    What a deal. I may order them. I have a wonderful dressage instructor, but I think you have an amazing way a conveying information that really is unrivalled. I took so much away for your appearances, I can only imagine that the DVDs are fabulous.

  2. Jane Savoie says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your kind words! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the dvd’s!!

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