Now, That’s HOT!

I mentioned in this month’s newsletter that the USDF Adult clinic in Georgia early this month was a smashing success in spite of the 100 degree plus heat index. Even the United States Dressage Federation itself has hailed this clinic series as “probably the best they have ever had.”
I want to thank all of you who took the time to to fill out the evaluations. Here’s just a sampling of the awesome feedback we got:
1. Jane communicated her techniques and philosophy to my satisfaction.

• Plenty of good info presented in a joyful manner
• She made the concepts simple and it made sense
• Super presentation!
• Excellent , detailed, well articulated useful information
• Greatly enjoyed Jane’s teaching-thank you for bringing her here! Bring her back!
• Love the processes!–The way she breaks down issues
• Very clear, great energy
• She explained each idea in several ways
• Can I just say “Wow”! She is a natural. You can’t learn how to teach like that. Her experience identifying and fixing issues is outstanding
• Jane’s detailed explanations of the aids were fabulous
• She’s great! Her public speaking experience is very evident
• Fabulous clinic! Jane is awesome. Best clinic I have ever audited
• Good system—extremely clear. Gave me tools I can use both with my horse and to make concepts clearer for students
• Excellent communicator and great explainer—very clear
• Perfect!
• Very well explained!
• Excellent verbal skills—multiple ways to communicate an idea/technique
• I have never had anyone explain suppling as thoroughly as Jane. Excellent and very informative.
• Absolutely! I have lots of new exercises and concepts to take home
• Exceptionally articulate/always clear about the rationale behind each aspect of the system

2. Jane was organized and had command of the program.

• Jane is very organized, added humor and stories when appropriate
• Jane was aware of time and was very considerate of working horses in the heat and was careful that all horses had a good experience i.e. silent applause, clapping, young horses, etc.
• Very organized. Each ride built on the theory of the last and several points/ideas were tied together at the end
• She used each lesson to continue teaching the auditors without taking anything away from the rider
• Great connection with audience—presented great deal of material very effectively.
• She knows how to speak, entertain and educate
• My notes came out in outline form—she was that clearly organized!
• Yes! Practice makes perfect. I can think of nothing to improve her or her communication
• Great to listen to! Kept my attention!
• She was absolutely committed to making certain her explanations were understood and riders had reasonable expectations.
• Repetition and building of skills up
• Best I’ve seen
• Very professionally done
• I really liked how she went over the training scale and explained it so well with each lesson
• Perfect!
• Tremendously impressed with her ability to communicate; her humor and wit; her energy; her attention to the mental aspect of riding
I heard so many incredibly helpful descriptive explanations.
• Absolutely learned the best exercises and tips ever!
• I’m on overload! So much useful info

3. The best part of the program was…

• Ms. Savoie’s great ability to break things into easily understandable parts!
• The clinician!
• Witnessing the changes in the horse
• All of it!
• Lectures—very helpful; useful in addressing some of my own issue
• Depth of Instructor’s Knowledge
• Useful, applicable and fun!
• Watching the positive progress of all horses.
• The clinician’s enthusiasm, information for attitude, performance fear
• Jane’s personality and positive attitude shines thru!
• Very useful training “tidbits” we can take home and use right away.
• Jane’s consistently detailed and clear descriptions—she was careful to tie all back to the training scale.
• Jane’s clarity and humor during lectures and specific exercises on riders
• The explanations!
• Jane was excellent at communicating technical information clearly and systematically
• Her instruction—great presentation style
• The way Jane was able to break things down.
• Jane was funny and really explained her techniques so I completely understood what she was explaining
• Jane being so educated
• The instructor’s organization, positive attitude and methods.
• Jane’s ability to communicate with rider and auditors
• Clear, useful exercises I can bring home with me
• Jane is excellent at describing use of aids and suppling.
• The entire program was exceptional
• This was super; Jane was great!
• What a great clinic! So much information—so well delivered!
• Typically I am a lousy auditor…can’t sit still and remain focused. I often leave the clinic early. This one held my attention through the heat and I left feeling educated and motivated.
• I had registered for both days but due to a home emergency I was unable to attend Sunday, but I learned so much on Saturday that I felt that I got more info in 1 day than the 2 day cost—well worth it!
• Very much enjoyed. Jane Savoie teaches to the serious dressage rider, not simply to those wishing to compete. She passes on her philosophy of the correct building blocks and the time it takes to get there.
• Jane Savoie is a great clinician—can analyze a horse/rider and give good ideas to help solve problems/weaknesses
• Great learning experience, thank you for getting Jane!
• Thank you Jane!
• Well-done Jane! I would definitely attend another clinic with you. Please suffer the heat and grace us with your wonderful combination of technical skills, communication skills and enthusiasm.
• This was by far the best clinic I’ve attended.
• Actually—I could give 10 times the highest rating score for Jane and this clinic. A big thanks!

If you’d like to find out how to bring me to your area to do a seminar or workshop, go to and hit the Courses tab

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