Congratulations, Mags! You go, Girl!

I just have to say thanks to you because I read about the clinic you gave at Chateau Elan on the SDCTA website newsletter and so clicked on to join your newsletter and the email response with attachments I got just so arrived at the right time and I will tell you why.
I showed my horse for the first time on Sunday, your words of encouragement and how to deal with fear and anxiety came just when I needed to hear them.
I have had him for 2.5 years now, it has been a long and patient journey to get to the point of feeling comfortable to show him and for me to feel comfortable with me. I have excellent support from my trainer and friends.
He is the first horse that I have owned, having been an auntie to many, I am now 55 years of age and he is my dream. He wasn’t what I was expecting and came with some baggage but I know he was sent to me for a reason and I was sent to him.
We completed our Intro B test and I know I have much to work on but we did it and the journey is just so incredible.
Your words or encouragement speak to me and give support and I am so grateful to have found you and know that you have such empathy to help those, like me, that need to hear that yes we are on the right track and are achieving when the confidence was lost and the rebuilding of the foundations had to start all over again. Your words clarified to me that I knew what was best for us when others looked on wondering what we were doing, well that is how it felt to me and I felt I should be caught up in the fast track of doing things. But I listened to that inner voice of patience and with your words of support fresh in my mind I had a great time at the show and look forward to our next one!
Margaret (Mags) Ashworth

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