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Training Tip: Ride From Half Halt to Half Halt
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Emotional Freedom Technique
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Hi Guys!
I got such a laugh from the following email that I just had to share it with you. It was sent to me by my very first riding teacher, Inger Svalling. Inger came to the United States from Sweden as a young woman. She taught me 50 years ago at the stable where I was a barn rat! After the stable was sold, we lost touch but reconnected a few years back. Inger tells me the following story:

“I just got back from a trip to Sweden, visiting my brother and his family. I tell this story about my sister and brother. My sister is the motherly type, I am not. Most of the time my sister ended up baby sitting my brother. Gustaf is 9 years younger than I, but occasionally I got stuck with this kid, which I did not appreciate. My solution to the problem was to drag him up to the barn and put him up on a pony. I’d give the pony a slap on the rump and send them off. He fell off every time! I thought, “What is the matter with this kid!” He was 5 or 6 at the time.

Time goes by and I move to the USA. He is now 11. I went for a visit and found out he has taken up riding at age 15. I am so surprised he is back riding. I asked him, “Why did you take up riding after the awful things I did to you?” Simple answer…because that’s were the girls were! No fool, my brother. Well, he decides he really likes riding and goes on and on and on. Today he is an FEI judge and hopes to get his Olympic staus within the next year. I tell him, just remember who got you started!!!!”

See…You never know!

Live Your Dreams!

I rode for many years with Olympian Robert Dover. One of Robert’s favorite sayings was, “Amateurs ride from movement to movement. Professionals ride from half halt to half halt.” So when you think about your ride, don’t focus on the movements such as, “I do a 10 meter circle here, and then I do a leg-yield there. After that, I do a lengthening across the diagonal.” Instead, think, “Do a half halt to prepare for the turn from the centerline to the circle. Give another half halt to balance my horse before I start the leg yield. Give a long half halt to coil the spring of the hind legs so my horse can “boing” into the lengthening.”

It seems that “Jane, the great communicator” wasn’t very clear about how to receive my free special reports on 5 Tips to Demolish Fear and 3 Secrets to Making Every Ride a Great Ride. If you want me to email you the reports, send an email to me at jsavoie@mindspring.com, and I’ll get them right out to you. All you have to do is write “Send Reports” in the subject line.
It’s hard to believe, but my 2007 calendar is completely filled, and 2008 dates are going fast. if you want to book me to come speak to your group on how to demolish negative emotions or to do a seminar that will take the mystery out of dressage training, email me at jsavoie@mindspring.com.

I want to share a couple of emails from readers who have attended my Fear
Factor seminars. If you want to know more about setting up your own seminar so
you can annihilate fear, contact me at jsavoie@mindspring.com

Hi Jane,
I was at the lecture you gave at Chesapeake Dressage Institute this winter,
where you introduced us to EFT. I have been tapping ever since and can’t believe the difference in my riding. My horse believes me now when I say we have to go more forward and stay round! It’s great stuff. So thank you!!
No problem. It gets better, I am even going out for little trail walks around the
property to cool down after working in the outdoor arena, neither of which I had
been able to do for the last few years!! I’ve been an indoor only rider for way too long…

Mardee Rochelle

Hi Jane,
I tapped before and during my last show and I was so much more calm and able
to concentrate on riding. My scores were great!!
Thank you,

NUTRITION is an important component of fitness. We feed our horses for maximum health and performance. The same should hold true for our own bodies, our personal performance machines. Here are 3 quick tips to help you fuel appropriately.

1. Estimate how much quality fuel you should consume during the course of a single day being sure to include a “colorful diet” representing all of the food groups. Plan to consume this fuel in smaller amounts and at shorter intervals during the day. (Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark recommends eating every 4-5 hours.)
2. Don’t arrive at home in the evening tired and hungry! Pack a healthy snack or an energy bar (I like Kashi bars.) and some extra H2O or tea to enjoy on your drive home. That way when you get home, you can avoid diving at the refrigerator with spoon in hand!
3. If you are a “night eater”, consider planning another “meal” for later in the evening. I know, there’s the old advice not to eat past 7 p.m. But, if this is your issue, save part of your dinner to consume later on and you’ll stay well within your daily calorie/nutrition budget.

Your Personal Trainer, Linda Freeman

“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfecting is demoralizing.”

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2 Responses to July Newsletter

  1. Penny Williams says:

    Jane- I recently read a CVDA newsletter with a piece on training tips from your column or perhaps book. I enjoyed it very much and was told by the president Terri Satterlee (Glover)that you had a website that I could access even more information from. If you can add me to your newsletter list I would be greatful. I am a first level rider/trainer struggling with that illusive hind end power needed for second level and could use all the help I can get. Penny Williams

  2. Jane Savoie says:

    Hi Penny,
    I can’t add you (Spam protection for you). Go on my website http://www.janesavoie.com and you can sign up. Be sure to also do the confirmation email. (also Spam protection).

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