A Happy Horse

It’s not too late to get on the special mailing list for my new HUGE home study course, A Happy Horse. Just send a note saying “more info on A Happy Horse” to my personal email address which is jsavoie@mindspring.com.

I’ll put you on an exclusive list. You’ll be the first to have a crack at getting the course at a special introductory price before I release it to the general public in February. This special price will be limited to the first 250 courses. (Don’t worry. As always, I NEVER share email addresses, and getting put on the list in no way obligates you to buy the course.)

Lots of people have questions about the course so I’m going to answer some of them here.

How are these lessons different from the lessons in your other dvd programs?
Of course, there’ll be some overlap of material. Learning, riding, and training is all about repetition, and repetition is the mother of skill. But these lessons contain ADDITIONAL exercises, tips, and ways to get your head wrapped around certain concepts.
Plus, you’ll see completely different horses from the ones in the other programs so you’ll be seeing lots of new challenges.
By the way, you’ll also see several different breeds so you get to see that these techniques work for ALL horses. I have Moshi–my Friesian, Twinkie–the opinionated Paint, Valentino–the “old” Thoroughbred, Sigmund Freud-the cheeky Haflinger, and Colby-the young, huge Percheron cross.
And, I ride in more than half the lessons. So you get to see how perfect Moshi is and how many mistakes I make! For some reason, people are comforted by the fact that I make as many mistakes as anyone else!!?! 🙂
So, you’ll pretty much be getting the WHOLE enchilada. That is, if you were coming to train with me for an extended period of time, this is exactly the kind of work we’d be doing together.

The course sounds huge. (23 dvd lessons, 21 cd lectures, and a 130 page manual). Am I going to need a PHD to get through it?
Not at all. The lessons, lectures, and manual cover the same material. The information is presented in different formats so you can choose whatever format works best for your personal learning style. Then, use the other formats to reinforce what you’ve learned. You get to watch, listen, and read so you really get immersed in the material.
Also, each lesson is deliberately short. That way you can focus on ONE topic so you’re not overwhelmed by a ton of information. Take your time. When you’ve mastered that subject, move on to the next lesson.
In addition, it’s user friendly because I avoid “dressagey” jargon whenever I can. I give you the information as if we’re sitting down over a cup of coffee.

I don’t have my own horse–yet. I share a school horse with many other riders. Will he get confused?
Horses are amazingly adaptable. Your school horse will be happy to be ridden in a systematic, kind way. Plus, YOU’LL learn a system that you’ll know like the back on your hand. Then you’ll be all set when you finally get your own horse.

I have an older horse with physical limitations. We can only walk and sometimes trot. The vet says the horse isn’t ready to retire yet. He’s a can-do horse (within his physical limits). Can you make a big enough program for all our limitations?
You’ll see when you watch the DVDs that almost all the work in the course can be done in the walk. So there’s lots of stuff to keep you and your older guy interested and challenged.

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One Response to A Happy Horse

  1. Ce Ce Christenson says:

    Hi Jane,
    I’d like to purchase one of the Happy Horse series. The “original” series would be fine for my needs.

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