America’s Horsewomen

Wow! I’m so excited!! I just got notified that I was voted one of the 10 most influential horsewomen in America by a panel of Horses in the South readers. (I didn’t even know I was up for “election”!?!) Way cool, huh?

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5 Responses to America’s Horsewomen

  1. kajonconnection says:

    Is is wonderful news, Jane. Congratulations on this fine accomplishment! Please accept my dozen roses of happiness for you.

  2. ppony says:

    Jane, this is Joni Solis and I am the one that left the comment above. I was just signed in on the wrong name. I set up a blog for kajonconnection.

  3. janesavoie says:

    Thanks, Joni!!
    I love roses.

  4. Diane says:

    Congratulations, Jane! A well deserved award. I have learned so much from your books, tapes and videos. Please keep up the wonderful teaching which makes such a difference in the way we ride and relate to our horses.

  5. jane savoie says:

    Thanks, Diane! Iappreciate your support!!

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