Would You Like to Train a Happy Horse?

I’m so excited that I’ve finally launched my new home study course, A Happy Horse. Check it out at http://janesavoie.com/shop/a_happy_horse.htm

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4 Responses to Would You Like to Train a Happy Horse?

  1. billie says:

    Jane, the Happy Horse course was my birthday present, and I watched the first lesson today – everyone who says your teaching method is clear and easy to understand is absolutely right. I can’t wait to try out the techniques tomorrow with Keil Bay. 🙂

    My daughter watched as well, and will be using what she learns on her 12.2h Shetland-x pony.

    Thank you for making this available.

    (and I’m taking a 4-part classroom workshop with Cindy Sydnor, so I finally got to meet her. 2008 is full of great horsewomen in my life.)

    all the best,

  2. janesavoie says:

    Hi Billie,
    That’s terrific! Enjoy the course!

  3. billie says:

    Just wanted to add that we incorporated the first lesson into our riding today with excellent results. The pony got better and better as my daughter corrected and re-tested, without all the nagging. What a relief! No one so far has given her such an easy but effective “routine” to deal with “go.” She’s had bits and pieces – now she has the entire sequence from beginning to end. I love the praise part – and so did her pony.

    Keil Bay seemed slightly shocked that I had a system going and remained consistent (my biggest riding issue, I think, is being consistent with him – I get off track and we fall apart together). He will generally listen to my aids, but today what happened was everything got sharper and he went into “work” mode in a way he doesn’t always do. He rounded his back, got on the bit, and gave me his really good gaits instead of “slogging” around. I was able to focus on riding the lovely gaits instead of doing all the work to keep him going.

    I really love the format – I can listen to the audio CD in the car, watch the DVD at home, and read through the book out at the barn. Looking so forward to the rest of the lessons – thank you again. It’s terrific!


  4. janesavoie says:

    Awesome! Keep on keeping on!!

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