A Happy Horse

I thought you might want to read some of the feedback from happy riders who are using the home study course.

Your Happy Horse Package is the single best investment I ever made to improve my riding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting together such a comprehensive program.
Diane M

I have already learned more in three of your lessons, using the video, audio, and text, than I have in several years of dressage lessons! No one ever explained to me, how to ride and WHY I was doing what I was doing. I have had at least five different instructors and never felt like I was getting anywhere. They would just say good things like keep your hands quiet, lower your hand, oops, don’t cross the rein over the neck , ride him forward (huh), deep into the circle (huh) and sit up straight, etc. Good advice given over and over but if I had understood why.
Katy P

I am so impressed by this home study course! It reflects depth, breadth,
and awareness of different modes of processing information.
Karin G

About the course . . . I love it!
I’ve only gotten through the 5th DVD but I just wanted to let you know that I love having the DVD to watch and on my way to the barn I listen to the CD. My horse has been responding so well to this system of riding. I am finally getting the hang of things that I have never been able to master in the past with the coordination of my aids and having a system of knowing if I have been effective.
Cathy R

I have been going through “A Happy Horse” and it is wonderful. I’ve been told so many conflicting things from trainers that it is nice to get valuable information with reasoning behind it that actually makes sense instead of just “Do this” with no explanation as to why. My horse and I thank you for putting this together! 🙂
Danielle D

I love the Happy Horse Series. I put your audio on while I ride. It is amazing the difference it makes!
While you are asleep in America, you are teaching me to ride on a hill amongst the bush in the Ferguson Valley, Western Australia.
I thought I was a visual and literal learner, however I am definitely an auditory learner. The combination is fantastic.
Gail G

I am so enjoying the home study course; Yes your words remind, explain, and show the way. I just love it, and your sense of humor makes me laugh out loud! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this course together. I do so enjoy the variety of the DVDs to watch, the CD’s to listen to, and then the written word to review and see it from another aspect that completes this trinity of education and understanding. I catch myself saying ‘oh yes, so that is what that means!’ or ‘ok so that is how that is done and why it is done’. You give the tools to join up the dots that are given from other instructors to complete the whole picture, And having this set to take time to review again and again is key. Marvellous!!
Mags A

I got my Happy Horse Home study course and dove into it. I reviewed the 6 ingredients of the training scale, the DVD, and the workbook. I’ve already identified some missing links in my training with my mare. They’re small, but after reviewing how you build on the alphabet to create words, and (combine) words into sentences, I can see clearly why some tasks are confusing to Katie (my loving mare). I use your analogy of creating the language with my already established natural horsemanship phrases to confirm what’s missing. I feel empowered with just that tiny piece of knowledge, and I’ve only scratched the surface. I will make you proud, and my horse is beholding to you as well. Thanks you so much.
Jodie B

Just a note to thank you, Jane. I’ve been using your Train with Jane DVDs as well as the Happy Horse to reschool my Irish gelding who is now 7. He’s an eventer and his weakest has always been dressage. In just a few weeks of following your training methods ONLY, there are marked, marked improvements in him. I am so ecstatic that I have to stop myself from riding him daily!
Kelli N.

I just wanted to Thank You for the Happy Horse training course! It is so wonderful! I love the format as I can listen to the CDs as I drive back and forth to my barn, and it helps put my mind into gear as I prepare to train my horse.
My book is all marked up with notes as they pertain to my problems, and how I need to correct them. On bad weather days (which we do not have a lot of here in Arizona), I review the DVDs as training sessions when I cannot ride.
Charlotte B

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying A Happy Horse. Right off, with the first video and audio I found some huge gaps in my education. I have found that when you ride with an instructor they look at your position and seat and assume because you have a balanced, correct position that you know all the basic stuff. Well, I’m here to tell you that I didn’t!

My green mare was not taking “responsibility” for herself and making me pooped out trying to keep her going. Since I live in upstate NY, just across the lake from Burlington VT, I haven’t started riding yet this season, (very icy), but when I do that will be the first lesson we will work on.
I can’t afford to ride with a trainer every week but between my instructor every other week and your Happy Horse program, I will have lots of support and encouragement while working on my own. Not every rider gets to work with two such positive people!
Thanks sooo much for giving me so many ideas on how to teach basic skills, and breaking them all down so they are understandable and kind (to the horses).
Darci K

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful Happy Horse Program. I have just started riding again after being off for over a year during my mare’s pregnancy and until the weaning of her baby. The lessons are wonderful!!! We started dressage riding 5 years ago when I retired.
I can honestly say I have learned so much more from your DVDs & CDs and workbook than I have learned from any other source. I can still hear my first instructor yelling, “Your horse is popping her shoulder – do something!” I can now – thanks to you- move my horse’s shoulders in and out on a straight line and ride that 20 meter circle with out “popping a shoulder.” My horse is happy, and I’m happy as we start all over again and this time with the proper instructionsfrom you. Thank you, Jane,
Diane S

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for putting together a great horse training program. I am getting great results with my two Thoroughbreds. Both of them are responding better than ever. I try to ride everyday weather permitting, and your program has worked for me better than I ever imaged.
Thomas W.

A friend of mine loaned me her Happy Horse home study program. I listened on the way into work and had to have a coveted copy of my very own by the time I hit my desk this morning. Where has this been for, oh…lets say the last ten years, fifteen years….etc.

Thank you so much for the gift of your practical guidance. You have already answered so many questions for me. What a gift!
Coralie H

By the way, I’m working my way slowly through A Happy Horse. I’m enjoying every minute of it and am going through each lesson, all 3 ways, several times. I want it to be second nature to me! It’s amazing that after 35 years of riding, 20 of them doing dressage and eventing, that I don’t have this down pat yet! While most of it so far is review for me, it has given me different ways to approach and think about the same things that I have been doing for years. And it reminds me that I have strayed from the tried and true path just a bit. Thanks for your help!
Karyl G

I have purchased your horse The Happy Horse and am thrilled with it.
Shannon V

Your Happy Horse Course is just terrific. I have already noticed a difference and I am not new to the sport. It is fantastic to be able to go back to a DVD or CD and review when I need to.
Madeline G.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for The Happy Horse study course!!!!!!!!! After attending many clinics, buying numerous books and DVDs, and taking a lot of dressage lessons, you are filling in the holes in my training! Instead of being frustrated, I am having “light bulb” moments during each ride! My socially distracted young Oldenburg is now listening to me, and I am realizing that he is very smart.
Thanks for putting together a series that is amateur friendly, detailed, and easy to use! You truly are a gifted teacher! I look forward to going through the rest of the lessons. I was going to wait to e-mail after I had finished the series but I couldn’t wait to tell you how great all my rides have been!
Debbie R

I love everything about Happy horse so far, hoping for non-frozen footing soon.
Cindy S

I also hope that you will have a continuation of the Happy horse course home study course up to 4Th level dressage and beyond. Since I started my study course and my dressage training with you, I could not see myself going back to mediocre lessons and the politics that I had before.

I am so impressed with your Happy Horse series. It is absolutely fabulous. I knew it would be nothing less than extraordinary!
Petie W

I LOVE the course by the way. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I have learned a lot and it also helped re-enforce what I thought I was doing correctly but was not 100% sure about. The course is very easy to follow, and I know my horses will be happy, willing, smooth and light to ride with your help. Thank You So Much!
Julie A

Love the program!
Patrice H

I have been enjoying the materials and cannot wait for SPRING to start so I can practice the riding lessons. LOVE the program and how it is set up! Keep up all the WONDERFUL work.
Sue F

I just wanted to say that I am not surprised or overwhelmed at all to see what a quality product you put out in your “Happy Horse” package. I am not surprised or overwhelmed because as you are well aware I have had the great fortune to work (for many years) with the entire cast of characters including people and horses and last but not least the crisp, peaceful, blue sky summer version of the state of Vermont. So I was ecstatic to see it all put together in a package!
It totally makes sense, and you had the team to do it: Rhett with the fabulous camera work, the beautiful but somewhat tricky Moshi who makes demo’s believable. The riders and facilities from Ruth Poulsen Hogan’s staff who show quality riding, and the simplicity of the setting with the arena with the mountains in the background.
So I just want to compliment you on doing it, it takes time and effort to put it all together, but you were the one to do it.
…It also serves as an audio and visual reminder of the basic principles of riding and teaching. As an instructor who has participated in many courses and symposiums, I would recommend it to other instructors and riding programs and colleges that train our future instructors.
Meg H

I’m a western rider who is a huge fan of yours. I can actually understand dressage when I read my Dressage for the Everyday rider books. The great thing is that my buddy invited me to watch your some of your Happy Horse DVDs, and she’s thrilled that I encourage her to buy it.

This has been a long winter in Minnesota, resulting in that blah feeling when absolutely nothing seems exciting. I can’t even find a good book to carry me away — you know, one that is so absorbing and interesting and takes you to another world and you go about your day but in the back of your mind can’t wait to get back to that book.
Thank you for giving me that feeling of excitement again! As with many riders this year riding time has been interrupted by frigid cold; I’ve only been able to practice Whoa and Go with one of my horses, who is 7 but fairly green. She did beautifully. I was all smiles. Down and out with a cold for a couple days now, I’ve watched the DVDs and read the book through Connection.
It’s all so clear. I’ve had this explained to me before, but breaking things down into nuggets, and watching, listening and reading helps me digest and understand. I’m having quite a few aha moments. Here I am sniffling and pacing around the house, wanting to go practice, practice, practice. I can’t wait to back on.
(Nice production value, by the way. I love the Vermont vista, and the gorgeous Moshi. My husband says he can’t keep his eyes off him.)
Katie C

I just wanted to send you this quick email to thank you for putting together “Happy Horse” course. I have only gone through the first three DVD’s, and I have to say the difference on my TB’s walk, trot, and canter is amazing. My guy loves to go through my hands and ignore my outside rein. After watching three lessons from the “Happy Horse” I was able to practice what I’ve learned from your course. I have to say this past Sunday was the best ride I have had on him in years.
Thank you for putting an effort and time into this course.
Regina S.

Your ability to explain things so clearly and succinctly is phenomenal.
Terrie H.

I purchased Train with Jane and am only through the first DVD, but wow. I love everything about it. One topic. In-depth. Now I get it.
Without knowing it I have been looking for your DVDs all my life. 🙂 I am a long time rider but seem to be missing some really basic concepts. The way you describe forward is so simple, so logical and respectful of the horse.
Love it. Thank you, Jane. In addition to being a novice dressage rider, I
practice Natural Horsemanship. My horse is an 8yo Hungarian Sport horse and that’s how I started him myself as a six yo. He is awesome.
The point is – there is nothing in your training that is contradictory to
that good foundation training that I gave my horse with NH. Matter of fact, it’s very complimentary. 🙂
Laura P

Last fall there were no less than three articles addressing how to get the horse forward: one in Dressage Today, one in the Connection, and one in Midwest Horse and Sport. They were all very good but your sentence concerning SEAT…”You’ll probably be tempted to control the first four things on the “seat” list with your reins.” clicks with my brain cells. You are right. Thanks. I can’t wait to ride with this new focus.
Claudia R

I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying the Happy horse book, CD’s and DVD’s. You did a great job breaking it down and explaining the training process so well. I am doing one chapter a week and doing the nuggets like they are a test and grading myself. I look forward to it every week. I am going to apply these training tools to my lesson horses, who have had some time off this winter. I will let you know how it goes.

I absolutely love the content of your material…..It’s part of my daily reading!!!!
Jackie P.

I am so encouraged by your instruction. The tape set has been well worth the money — I finally feel that I can REALLY DO THIS with my young horse!
Joy T

I had great results with the leg yield on my 12 yr old TB/Han gelding after watching your video. I think I had never shifted my weight or my intentions enough to the direction of the yield. Using the “think dismount in the direction of travel” really helped my horse understand what I wanted. Everybody at my barn was impressed by his instant improvement in this move. Thanks! Now it’s time to watch the other episodes.

I LOVE the course by the way. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I have learned a lot and it also helped re-enforce what I thought I was doing correctly but was not 100% sure about. The course if very easy to follow and I know my horses will be happy, willing, smooth and light to ride with your help. Thank You So Much!
Julie A

Thank You for staying on track! My OTTB is learning to Move Forward! He is tracking up better at trot. Transitions into canter, then back to trot help too. We do 20 minutes and top it off with a cookie. Still learning to be happy!
Anni P

Can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the Horse Happy Training Program. Thanks very much. It’s brillant!
Sheena J

I have been going through “A Happy Horse” and it is wonderful. I’ve been told so many conflicting things from trainers that it is nice to get valuable information with reasoning behind it that actually makes sense instead of just “Do this” with no explanation as to why. My horse and I thank you for putting this together!
Danielle D

I LOVE MY HAPPY HORSE home study course. Thanks! 🙂
Candi C

It’s been great. I just had to take a 8 hour car ride to and from the Twin Cities on Tuesday so I grabbed my Audio CDs. I was able to listen to numbers 1-5 twice and then got to the biggie, number 6–Connection. Oh my gosh! I about fell off my seat laughing…You were talking about how to get your horse back to being “on the bit/round/connected” when they lose it during a ride. You said to use a half halt. I immediately groaned and said “fudge”. (I knew it was coming but never-the-less, that is still far from perfected for me)
Then you came back as if you were reading my mind and commented on my response. You are too funny! Then you proceeded to break the connecting half halt down into understandable pieces. I can hardly wait to work on it.
I just thought you might enjoy a little feedback! I am so anxious to make it through the rest of the CDs, DVDs and book. I’m trying to pace myself so I don’t get overwhelmed. Yet at the same time I’ve been riding awhile so some of this is just good old fashioned review and a nice refresher!
Lisa M

As expected the BOX arrived. You were right. It was very intimidating. I was so excited to have it. And, of course, I was on my way to the barn to ride so no time to watch a DVD. So I thought what the heck, I will toss the 1st CD in and listen on the way there. It is a 10 mile drive and one CD fits perfect.
I pronounced to my best friend, that (with no disrespect) you are the Ultimate Short Bus Teacher. I have a very hard time learning and because I have ridden on and off, and more on than off for the past years. I think because I can sit on a horse and face forward, they think I had learned the basics somewhere along the way. Thus they are skipped over. You have forced me to start from the very beginning to fill in the gaps that were missing. Now please keep in mind I have only started the first DVD,CD and Chapter 1- Whoa and Go.
Today, after having a few days to play with my newly found missing pieces, my pony was so happy and offering up a polite GO, like he has never before. I normally have been afraid of GO and this was peaceful, fun and happy. Truth: It brought tears streaming down my cheeks, because he was so willing to try his little heart out. And I could hear him laugh saying, “she might get this after all.”
One of the best things, because I can get intimated while riding especially in a lesson, wanting to perform on command for the instructor as they bark at you, I don’t always absorb what I am learning. The course allows me in the comfort of my truck and or home with the DVD, to learn without the horse under me, and trying to please an instructor who for a short time has to force learning by listening only to their voice. I am very fortunate that I have good instruction, however, when you have been around a bit, people just assume you know what WHOA and Go means and how to get it.
Not to mention I am riding a green horse and I am a green rider. You know what color mess that is.
Stay tuned- this is going to be good. Chapter 2 starts tomorrow.
Deb F

I’m loving that we have three ways of learning. I read before going to a lesson, listen to the CDs in the car, and watch the DVDs because I learn a lot from watching.
This is awesome. I want to retire so I can work on this more!
Jannette L.

Although I work with a fabulous trainer, I bought your program to watch while traveling for work. It’s great. Makes time FLY while flying. I love your style!!
I’m taking it slow and listening to the audios, watching the videos, often multiple times until I feel it has sunk in. There is something about the tone of your voice that is SO helpful…almost more than what you are saying…as if your tone says, “Of course you and your horse can do this.”
Thank you.
Amy F.

I’m so excited I want to read, listen, and watch everything right NOW! Thankfully, you put the cover letter with it telling us to relax and take our time to absorb it fully! I’m also listening to The Rider’s Edge CD’s right now. They are great! I have an hour drive to work so CD’s are a really good learning and inspirational tool for me.
Karyl G

My husband and I are really enjoying the program. We are starting at the beginning and not moving on until we are sure that the training is done RIGHT and communicated clearly. Thanks for spelling it out in such an easy and understandable language.
Sharon H

I just had to share this with you. I have been so excited about the Happy Horse study course you would not believe it! Well, this morning when I checked my email and found out it would be released today (Sunday) I was afraid I would not make the first 250 orders because I would be in church.
To make a long story short my 90 year old mom (Eleanor) stayed home from church and kept checking the computer. And then she ordered the course for me as a gift. What a great surprise!! Now I am really excited and can hardly wait for the course to arrive.
Kathleen R

I am so enjoying the Happy Horse course. I hope you know how powerful it is and how life changing it can be. Thank you for doing it!!

Thanks Jane! I just started your ‘Happy Horse’ program. We are working on the first lesson, specifically ‘WHOA!”. I have a Morgan and he thinks very FORWARD :). We struggle, but as an ex-saddle seat & western rider who became a true-believer in dressage training after my first lunge lesson. I really appreciate your tapes and your approach to teaching. I am taking it slow, working hard. I am confident that we’ll get it eventually. So thanks for your help! You are probably reaching out to more riders than you even know.
Amanda M

I had to tell you about something that happened last Friday. I had a lesson with my trainer the day before, and it did not go well. As usual I could not sustain a balanced canter on my horse, falling on the forehand, losing balance, breaking the pace, pulling, trotting too fast after down transition etc.
On Thursday night I watched the visualization DVD and memorized the close-up of the rider’s back in the canter and the way her hip joints opened as the horse took a forward bound in the canter.
On Friday I was riding by myself, my trainer was in the arena teaching someone else. I cantered using the visualization.
Sorry for using caps, I know it’s the typographical equivalent of shouting, BUT I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE!
The trainer stopped me and asked me what I was doing differently; my friend who happened to come in rang me that night to say she didn’t recognize my horse!
I have been riding non-stop for nearly twenty five years. I have to say that these DVD’s are the best training I have ever come across, and I think will ever come across. I know I have a lot of work and practice to do to improve, but now I know I can do it thanks to your help.
Elizabeth D

Just wanted to say that we incorporated the first lesson into our riding today with excellent results. The pony got better and better as my daughter corrected and retested, without all the nagging. What a relief! No one so far has given her such an easy but effective “routine” to deal with “go”. She’s had bits and pieces. Now she has the entire sequence from beginning to end. I love the praise part. And so did her pony.
I really love the format. I can listen to the audio CD in the car, watch the DVD at home, and read through the book out at the barn. Thank you again. It’s terrific!
Billie H.

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2 Responses to A Happy Horse

  1. Elissa says:

    Hi Jane,

    ‘hope you’re well. We haven’t actually met but my family and I have been involved with horses for 56 yrs in Australia. My sister and I have been very successful in the pony club circuit Australia wide.

    We often visit clubs to help young Australian riders become their best. Our goal is always to provide concise information that is up to date and relevant, but most importantly, easy to understand especially for the parents!

    We are constantly getting asked about various information that is available in regards to training tools etc. so we are looking for a great product to help them.

    We need a product with a good reputation that would provide the young (and older) riders with sound information. Would you consider expanding the sales of your training product from another region? Myself and my business partner are skilled sales and marketing people and we believe we could do well reselling a product like yours.

    I understand that our customers can purchase directly from you, however we find that us Aussies love to talk and some feel cautious about buying on-line only.

    Perhaps we could talk about this soon? Please let me know your thoughts.

    Elissa Kerpen, Melbourne, Australia.

  2. janesavoie says:

    Hi Elissa,
    Please contact me through my website http://www.janesavoie.com. Go to the Contact tab and send your email to me at info@janesavoie.com

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