Jane Savoie Offers 4 Tips to Help You Find Your Seatbones

Are you having trouble weighting each seatbone individually?

Here are 4 tips to help you find your seatbones

1. Sit in a chair. Keep your shoulders and hips square while you alternately put more weight on your right seatbone and then your left one. You’ll feel each seatbone press down (heavier, deeper) into the chair.

Once you can alternately press each seatbone down into the cushion of a chair, try the same feeling on your horse.

2. You can also practice weighting each seatbone like this in your car. The car seat “gives” in a way that’ll help you feel which seatbone has more weight on it.

You can even dance with your seatbones in the car.  Turn up the music and press one seatbone, then the other in time with a good beat.  And when you feel really confident, mix it up – twice on one side, twice on the other. Make sure your upper body stays quiet and only your seatbones are moving.

3. Also, try sitting on the floor and “walking” your seat along the carpet.

4. To put your weight on one seatbone, “lift” the opposite one. There’s no change in your pelvis. Just engage your abdominals slightly.

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