Jane Savoie’s Tips to Help you Easily Switch Your Dressage Whip

Jane Savoie’s Quick Tip to Help You Switch Your Dressage Whip with Ease

July 14, 2008 by janesavoie

I've had a bunch of questions lately on
handling the dressage whip. Many of you
tell me you feel awkward when you switch
the whip from one hand to the other.
Here's a step-by-step method to switch
it without disturbing the contact
with your horse's mouth.

1. Put both reins and the whip in the
same hand.For example, put both reins
and the whip in your right hand.

2. Turn your right hand so your thumb
is facing down and your baby finger is
 pointed up. With your hand in this position,
the butt end of the whip points
toward the withers and the lash of the whip
points straight toward the sky.  

3. Now, turn your left hand upside down
so your left thumb is on top of your right
baby finger. 

4. With your left hand in that "upside down"
position, curl your fingers around the whip.

5. Use your left hand to pull the whip
straight up toward the sky.
(Your whip is now in your left hand and
the two reins are in your right hand.)

6. Separate your reins so you have one
in each hand. 

You've now switched your whip without
twisting the bit in your horse's mouth
or scaring him by pulling it up across
his withers.
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