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Happy Horse on Youtube

I’m so excited because the Wow Factor just posted an awesome review of A Happy Horse Home Study course on Youtube. The link is: Enjoy! Jane Advertisements

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Quick Tips For Helping Horseback Riders Overcome Fear

Fear is a very real issue for many horseback riders. And, why not? You’re dealing with an animal that greatly outweighs you and is not always predictable. So what do you do about the fear that stops you from enjoying … Continue reading

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What are the Aids to Train My Dressage Horse to Leg Yield?

Lots of people are confused by the aids to ask their dressage horses to leg yield on a diagonal line as opposed to on a circle. Let’s start with the aids for leg yielding your dressage horse over to the … Continue reading

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How To Get Jane Savoie’s Free Newsletter with Training Tips

Lots of people have been asking me to sign them up for my newsletter tips. Unfortunately I can’t do that for you. The system doesn’t let me sign up for you. To sign up for the newsletter and to get … Continue reading

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3 Simple Tips to Help Riders Sit Straight and Square

Even if you’re not a dressage rider, it’s important to sit straight and square in the saddle? Can you tell if you’re collapsing at your waist and sitting crookedly? Ask a ground person to stand behind you. 1. Are your … Continue reading

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