Quick Tips For Helping Horseback Riders Overcome Fear

Fear is a very real issue for many horseback riders. And, why not? You’re dealing with an animal that greatly outweighs you and is not always predictable. So what do you do about the fear that stops you from enjoying your horse? I’ll give you some tips for coping with fear in these newsletters. Here’s the first one.
When you’re fearful while horseback riding, your mind isn’t in the present. It’s on what might happen in the future. Remember that 99% of what you fear, never happens. Why use up so much energy and emotion worrying about things that might happen but usually never do? Instead manage your fear by staying in the moment.
To bring yourself back to the present moment, involve as many of your five senses as you can. Hear the rhythm of your horse’s footfalls, look at the landscape outside your ring, feel the texture of the reins, smell the fly spray, and even taste your salty sweat!
Add emotion too. Remember a time when you felt calm, confident, relaxed and connected. If doesn’t even matter if you were doing something else like watching a sunset, jogging, or petting your dog when you felt that way. Just recreate those feelings.
Using your five senses and also including positive emotion while riding your horse will get you out of future thinking (which is controlled by the left side of your brain and is where fear lives!) and bring you back to the present which is where the right side of the brain operates.

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