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3 Quick Tips to Make Sure Your Horse is Bending in Lateral Work

In order for your lateral work such as shoulder-in, haunches-in, and half passes to be effective as collecting exercises, your horse must BEND. Think of the following equation as it relates to your horse. Bend+Sideways=Engagement. (Engagement means the bending of … Continue reading

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3 Tips To Unlock Horseback Rider’s Rigid Elbows

I got an email from someone who asked, “Can you help me with a problem I have with “locked elbows”? It’s a bad habit that I’ve been trying to break forever. Any tips or visualizations would be really great!” So, … Continue reading

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Happy Horse Pre-Holiday Thank You Sale

I’m about to do a 3-day early bird 50% off sale for Happy Horse. At that price, the lessons break down to about $13 each! The notice will only go out to my newsletter subscribers. So if you’re interested. you … Continue reading

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