Help For Horses Who Have Trouble Picking Up the Correct Canter Lead

Hi Guys!

I get so much mail from people whose horses
have trouble picking up one of their
canter leads.

So I just posted a quick video on Youtube that
shows a simple leg yielding exercise. This
exercise (which involves increasing the size of
the circle in leg yielding) helps your horse bend
better so he’s more likely to pick up the
correct lead.

Here’s the link:


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4 Responses to Help For Horses Who Have Trouble Picking Up the Correct Canter Lead

  1. lucy says:

    I have two of your books and recently discovered some of your youtube videos. I am one of those people who need to read it, see it, do it …again and again. I review one of your videos (relevant to my stage in riding) then go out and try it and what a difference! Thank you for helping the multi-sensory needy learners of the dressage world with practical applications and the REASON WHY we do some of these exercises. During a lesson I am SO concentrating on the moment … that I sometimes miss the big picture. I’m gonna ask Santa to ask you to make a complete video to go with your books!

  2. Jane Savoie says:

    Hi Lucy,
    Santa has already done that. The Happy Horse course has lessons on dvd, the same material on audio CD’s and a 135 page manual.

  3. Jane,

    I LOVE, love LOVE! your blog and training style.

    Have you heard of Rex Peterson? He trains and supplies horses to Hollywood. He did Hidalgo, Horse Whisperer, Miley Cyrus’s up coming film–and many, many more.

    He just launched a new series of training videos–his first foray into that area in years. What impresses me about Rex the most is how he communicates with horses. Whether it’s an unbroken young one (who is on the wild side), an older accomplished one, or a horse with a quirky but persistent problem–he is able to command their respect and work through problems faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.

    As he says, his way isn’t the only way, it’s his way–nothing more, nothing less. He impresses me though.

    Just wondering if you’ve heard of him.

    The videos are available at


  4. says:

    Some truly wonderful info, Gladiola I found this.

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