Dressage Mentor is LIVE!

You might be wondering what all the buzz about the new Dressage Mentor site is all about.

Inside Dressage Mentor, you’ll find all sorts of great tips, tools, techniques, and advice to work through the training and emotional hurdles that pop up in the normal course of riding and schooling….And all of that for much less than the cost of a riding lesson!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Training Videos: You’ll have a ringside seat to watch lessons with folks just like you as well as see lots of BONUS footage from special events.

Audios: You can listen in on my lectures as well as interviews with top experts. Lectures cover training techniques as well as sports psychology strategies.

Ask Jane: Each month I answer several of your top questions.

Hot Seat: Send in a photograph or a 10-minute clip either riding or competing, and I’ll critique it for you.

Forum: This forum is your support community. Share your ideas and successes. Brainstorm with like-minded people who have the welfare of their horses and continuing education uppermost in their minds…I’ll even pop in from time to time and join your discussions!

Articles: You can download a wealth of information from these archived articles. Keep your own notebook of articles for quick and easy reference.

For more info on Dressage Mentor, go to http://www.dressagementor.com or http://www.janesavoie.com

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2 Responses to Dressage Mentor is LIVE!

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  2. Does Jane Savoie still give live lessons and if so where does she live?

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