George Morris Endorses Jane Savoie’s Cross-Train Your Horse

I’m blown away because George Morris gave my Cross-Training books 2 thumbs up in his Jan 16th article in the Chronicle of the Horse!

Here’s what he said: “Pick up Jane Savoie’s Cross-Train Your Horse, Book 1 and 2. She has tailored these two books to all disciplines. You must really take the time to read them, study them, understand and practice. I’ve found these books to be enormously helpful to my own riding and teaching over the past weeks.”

Wow! Thanks, George! I’ll let you know when my feet touch the ground again!

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9 Responses to George Morris Endorses Jane Savoie’s Cross-Train Your Horse

  1. Equineman says:

    Wow Jane!

    That is simply amazing. I will have to read them after that pat on the back. I run a small horse site presence and love the Chronicle site.

    That must be very rewarding to all your efforts that you put into the books. But you cant hide a gift. Keep up the great work and I will let you know what I think when I get done with them.

    I will pass them over to my wife who is a horse trainer as well. I will review them on my blog as well.

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  2. Jane Savoie says:

    Thanks, Ron! I was very excited to read it!

  3. Gypsy says:

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  4. Gina Alessia says:

    Very good article and nice book.


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  6. Mary says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this. I read the article, but could not remember which of your books he was recommending. I will be ordering them shortly.

    (I just thought to google both of your names together and this is what i found!)

  7. janesavoie says:

    Cool! Good detective work!!

  8. Colleen says:

    Jane. How do I contact you regarding scheduling a clinic in Florida? What are your typical clinic rates?

  9. janesavoie says:

    Hi Colleen,
    My clinic rates are on my website at You can also contact me through that site.

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