Jane Savoie and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen’s Program Your Position is an international hit!

Program Your Position has only been out since April 21 and already Ruth Hogan-Poulsen and I have heard not only from people from the US, but also from riders in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, England, China, Belgium, and Switzerland about how much they love the concept of programming position corrections with anchored Buzzwords.

“LOVE THE NEW PROGRAM YOUR POSITION! Got it yesterday and dove right in! Now if it would just stop pouring for long enough so I can go out and DO it!!!!”  Heather B.

“I’ve listened to the CDs and watched the first DVD so far. I can practice my position while commuting to work, while sitting at work, and of course on my horse. I like having just a series of words as reminders of my position. It makes a nice check list to run through repeatedly while I’m riding. :) :) :) I find, the better my position, the better my horse goes.” Martha F

“In 1 week, I can already feel how much easier it is to sit the trot. Thank you!”    Kathie H.

“My instructor loves that I use this “shorthand language” to correct my own position. She doesn’t have to waste her time (and my money!) repeating the same old corrections, and we’ve been able to start lots of new work.”   Jeannette H.

“In the new USDF dressage tests, the coefficient for the rider’s position and use of aids now has a coefficient of 3 instead of 2. Since starting Program Your Position, my position score has gone from a 7 to an 8. That’s makes a total of 24 points instead of 14 points. Wow!”   Melissa M.

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2 Responses to Jane Savoie and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen’s Program Your Position is an international hit!

  1. Tom Ziemak says:

    Ruth, my daughter is 28 and rides english pleasure. Will you “program your position” help her with her riding?

    We are to the point were her trainer keeps repeating the same instruction and this is starting to have negaitve effects on her riding.

    My daughter seems to always apply pressure with her left leg. There are other little issues with her body position.

  2. Ruth Poulsen says:

    Mr. Ziemak,
    Thank you for your question. Without actually seeing your daughter ride, its hard to tell where the issue of the pressure on the left leg is. Although these are some ideas for you to think about. Yes, I think the Program Your Position will be very helpful, as it sounds like there needs to be some mental training for this issue as well as physical. That is the basis of the program. Training the subconscious mind to help you trigger your (any) position issues.

    Having said that, these are some things that may be going on with your daughter’s position. The fact that she is only having an “issue” with one leg suggests to me that her pelvis is turned laterally. If the left leg is on more than the right, the pelvis is probably turned or twisted to the left or counter clockwise. This would automatically put more left leg on and less right leg. This may not even that visible to a trainer or teacher, as it might only be a centimeter or two, and not visible from the side.

    If the source of the position issues are not dealt with at the source (her pelvis), then the symptom (her leg) can be reminded over and over again with no success.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that first you need to get to the source of a position issue, and correct that. Then train the subconscious mind to help the body go and stay in the correct position.

    Otherwise, a trainer/coach/parent can make any correction multiple times with out solving the primary issue. You must always start with the core and work out to the body’s extremities.

    Ruth Poulsen

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