The Fear Factor

I’ve been working hard at putting together a NEW program with all sorts techniques to help you deal with your riding fears.

I want to be sure I’ve addressed EVERYTHING that scares you and that includes fear of general riding, cantering, competing, aging, getting hurt, criticism…What else?

Tell me about your fears, and I’ll make sure to cover it in the program. Send an email from so you can stay anonymous if you like.

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4 Responses to The Fear Factor

  1. Perri says:

    Hi Jane, I am wanting to talk to you about my trust issue with horses. I did take a couple of spills, and now have a back inj from the fall. I did however get back onto the horse because I did not want to lose my love of horses. However now I am having an issue finding the right horse for me because all I do is fear that I will get hurt. I would also like to be able to ride trails for some me time, but can not because I feel scared of the horse shying or me getting bucked off. I also have an issue with people riding with me. I think sometimes it is paranoia. LOL But my fear with people riding with me is that they will talk about my riding. So I always take privite lessons. I do not want to continue in this because of money and I would like to show my horse once I get one. How do I get over my fear of people as well as being hurt? Please help so that I may learn to move on from this fear.

  2. Jane Savoie says:

    Hi Perri,
    Right now, I’m working on a CD/DVD program that addresses all of those issues. It should be out this summer.
    Hang in there!

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Jane,

    I am a 43 year old adult who always loved horses but just took up riding about 8 years ago after getting divorced and wanting to do something for just me. Had 2 big throws in my first year due to a bad barn putting me on a horse I was not ready for. The first throw, while cantering, sent me to the hospital where luckily I only sprained my neck and chest cavity, but due to the impact of landing directly on my head in a sand arena hard enough to do that…..still has me scared to this day, still have the scare on my knee from hitting the wall first. After that I had horses with friends that would ride them and I would just watch, take pics and groom – I loved being on the ground only with them. Then I got kicked and that ruined that. Still I kept trying and after just riding with two instructor friends on a really easy going horse, which I eventually bought, I finially started riding and grooming again. Now my problem is that 8 years later and for the past year I want to get serious about my riding, especially dressage. I can’t stop thinking about it and ride 3 days a week in free lessons with a dressage trainer friend of mine. Gave her 1/2 my horse for her lesson program in order to afford this. I am still afraid, but I make myself get on and only canter on days when I am feeling mentally ok with it. My problem is that taling on riding as an adult, well my body wont cooperate with me. I stretch, practice, watch, listen but am struggling so much mentally and physically. And of course I think I am the worst rider ever. I am tall and thin, in good shape….but those kids, well they fix their mistakes like nothing. Do you have any advice on lengthing excercises and keeping my toes forward, knees in without griping on and off the horse. I wanted to cry when I read about your riding experiences…I thought I was alone. Thanks much. Andrea

  4. Jane Savoie says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for writing. NO, you are not alone!!

    Program Your Position will help you with your position issues. You can check it out at:

    I am also madly working away at finishing up my Fear Factor program. Hang on! It’ll have tons of tools and tips to help you. I’m hoping to have it ready the beginning of August.

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