Ride Your Horse On the Bit

Riding your horse on the bit (and keeping him there!) can seem like one of the most daunting tasks for riders. So I’ve started a blog that is dedicated solely to this subject.

Check our my new blog with tips, tools, and photos to help you ride your horse on the bit.


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2 Responses to Ride Your Horse On the Bit

  1. michelle chiverton says:

    hi jane,

    can i just say that from viewing the half-halt technique (along with many other film clips you have put together)from yourself off of ‘You Tube’ has really worked well on my partnership with my Warmblood Webster. I am studying and practising the Pilates technique (teaching myself from books), which as you are probably aware strengthens your bodys core, upper torso, and lower back muscles (ideal for your riding position). The combination of two are working wonderfully well, showing immediate results in my schooling techniques. I, like yourself, have had to teach myself Dressage, having few lessons over the years (the reason for this is that i don’t share the same outlook on training horses as the local instrutors have adopted, and the price for them are expensive). I know that with continued study of your techniques and my pilates practise, i have found a really wonderful cocktail.
    Anyway, must go back to your site, got so much to read through!!


  2. Jane Savoie says:

    That’s terrific, Michelle! Have fun!!

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