Jane Savoie’s New Freedom From Horseback Riding Fear Program For Equestrians Ready to Launch!

Jane Savoie Helps you Arm yourself with tools to Manage Your Horseback Riding Freedom from Fear-Strategies for Increasing Confidence for EquestriansFears and Squash your FEAR Gremlins!

Coning soon, this 7 CD and 3 DVD set on horseback riding fear includes: Clicker training, Ride Proactively to prevent shying, spooking, bolting, bucking, or rearing, Raise your Fear Ceiling through “Advance and Retreat”, Management Tips, The Swish Pattern, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Thought Stopping, Change Your Fear Physiology, The Power of High Quality Questions, The “Re- wind” Technique, The Law of Attraction, Program your Mind for Courage, Power Talk, The Emotional Freedom Technique, Be Set Free Fast, Guided Imagery, Perfect Practice, Coping Rehearsal, Relaxation Techniques, The “As If” Principle, Tame the Gremlins and Anchoring Relaxation.

Here’s what some folks who have been using these techniques have had to say:

“I’ve been making every excuse in the book to avoid cantering. After only 10 days
of practicing The Emotional Freedom Technique, we canter on a loose rein and
trail ride without a bit of tension or fear. What a gift for us both!” – G.D.

“I started “Riding Proactively” by using the suppling technique to relax my nervoushorse. It works like a charm!”– J.L.

“I practiced Power Talk all last night and today before I got on. And guess what? I
had a lovely ride with my horse jumping and spooking but me NOT caring! – J.R.
I feel like I went to Oz and got Courage! Thank you!” – C.P

I’ll be ready to launch the new Freedom from Fear Program for Equestrians next month. Newsletter subscribers get a discount and FREE bonuses! Sign up for the free newsletter at http://www.janesavoie.com NOW!

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