One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to feel when a dressage horse is honestly on the bit. Learning to “feel” can be quite a challenge. So I’ve complied a list of “feelings” for you.

When your dressage horse is on the bit, here’s what he does and doesn’t feel like:

1. He doesn’t feel like a jumble of “disconnected parts”.

2. His body feels like an organized unit that’s easy for you to maneuver.

3. He feels like a beach ball bouncing along in trot and canter,.

4. You can sit the trot because his back is relaxed.

5. His back just behind the saddle is up and swinging. It doesn’t feel low or tight.

6. His energy is self-perpetuating.  A surge of  power comes from behind, over his back and gets recycled back to the hind legs.

7. And above all, if he’s honestly on the bit, you feel like your dressage horse can do anything in the next step. For example, he can immediately go from walk to trot. Or he can easily step into a leg yield. Or he can promptly go from working trot into a trot lengthening.

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