Dressage Forum on Jane Savoie’s Dressage Mentor Site

I’m so excited that the Forum on Dressage Mentor has become such an amazing supportive community. People from all over the world have come together to eagerly and openly share their ideas, tips, challenges, and successes.

It’s also been a blast to get to meet some of the “Mentorees” at my riding clinics, and finally put faces to the names. And the big news is that a bunch of us will be getting together for a Dressage Mentor Reunion in January 2010 in Wellington, Florida. Of course, there will be lots of dressage, but from what I’ve already heard, there will be lots of wine and laughter too.

Having been a member of several mastermind groups, I recognize and appreciate the value of brainstorming with like-minded people who have the welfare of their horses and continuing education uppermost in their minds.

And this group of people in the dressage forum have blown me away with their willingness to help and support each other. The members have turned it into a safe place to ask questions and a soft place to land when they’re feeling discouraged. I’m so proud of them for bringing that kind of positive energy to an online bulletin board!

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