The Emerging Dressage Star Program

Robert Dover posted this on his blog the other day about The Emerging Dressage Star Program:

“I am really disappointed! Not for the reasons some of you may suspect, because I am very happy with pretty much everything in my personal life.
No, I am upset because I found out today that only $4,700.00 has come in to Lendon Gray’s “Emerging Dressage Star Program”, quite possibly the greatest program ever designed to ensure a golden future for American Dressage!
Even more sad is that $4000.00 of that amount came from one very kind client of Lendon’s.

When I wrote and asked initially that people show their support for this fantastic project by sending $100.00 to The Dressage Foundation, I was certain that, from the hundreds of thousands of horse lovers in the United States, at least 150 people would recognize the importance of what Lendon is doing and chip in what many gladly pay for a dinner for two.
But then friends on Facebook said that perhaps it was smarter to ask people to send whatever they could, be it $10 or $15.00.
And even this obviously didn’t work!

So, now I’m asking my readers to PLEASE help me make this happen. We need another $11,000.00 to get The Emerging Dressage Star Program off the ground so it may begin searching for, finding, and nurturing our kids whose greatest hopes are to one day represent the United States Olympic Dressage Team.
Please contact Lendon at or send checks to The Dressage Foundation (address can be found on this Dovers World in former article on the EDSP)



Please remember that even $5 or $10 helps The Emerging Dressage Star Program. Just think – if 100,000 dressage enthusiasts each gave $1.00 we would have $100,000.00 for the kids! Too much to ask?

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