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Bend Your Dressage Horse and Ride Accurate Circles

To maximize the benefits of riding circles, you need to use the right bending aids as well as know your reference points for an accurate circle. Check out the new video clip on the Bending Aids for your dressage horse … Continue reading

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A Horse That Is Going Forward Can’t Buck or Rear

Rearing, bucking, nappiness as well as needing “a lot of leg” are all symptoms of your horse not going forward. Many people think that forward only means going forward over the ground. That’s the physical expression of forward. That is, … Continue reading

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Jane Savoie’s Dressage Mentor Reunion Deadline

Just a quick reminder that Nov 17 is the deadline for the Dressage Mentor Reunion in Wellington Fl on Jan 21-24. We’ll have 4 days chock full of education, information, and just plain fun! We’ll be watching lessons, brainstorming,  and … Continue reading

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