Jane Savoie Presents EQ-Equisense Systems

I’m excited to tell you that I’m about to launch my new EQ-Equisense Systems at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.
EQ-Equisense Systems offers you a total Equestrian experience. Take part in the Online Community site as well as experience a living 3D world where you can take part in virtual lessons, games, horse shows, and events. At “EQ Live”, you can choose your clothes, tack, feed, breed and color of horse, and even drive to the virtual barn to train and compete. You’ll be able to everything you want to do in the real world within the Equisense 3D world.
Our products are informative as well as fun but are not games or toys. They are serious integrated horse training and riding tools. This integration of biomechanical motion capture and rider/coach biometric interfacing creates the optimal training platform where a rider, horse, and coach are unfied and can feel and see the invisible nuances that makes traditional learning so difficult. We break down each coordinated series of events into their individual parts and teach through repeatable and controlled haptic (force) feedback. A horseback riding instructor can actually feel what the student is doing and give targeted, accurate feedback. It’s like having your trainer inside your skin so he/she can feel what you’re doing and show you how to get better results.
Make sure you claim your free stuff at the http://www.eqtrained.com/vip. The Bonuses will only be available until September 25.
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3 Responses to Jane Savoie Presents EQ-Equisense Systems

  1. dressage rider says:

    The link to the EQ Equisense page is broken.

  2. janesavoie says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Try it again. I think I fixed it.

  3. 520sunnybaby says:

    useful information for me.

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