EQ – Equisense Systems Unveils a Revolution in Equestrian Sports at The World Equestrian Games

EQ – Equisense Systems unveils a revolution in equestrian sports at The World Equestrian Games, September 2010.

EQ Equisense Systems, Inc. will debut the most revolutionary equestrian training system in the industry at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. Developed with three-time Olympic coach, Jane Savoie, and the world-renowned McPhail Equine Performance Center Institute, EQs line of products changes the face of equestrian sports forever.

Savoie says, “This exciting marriage of training and technology skyrockets a rider’s learning curve far beyond traditional teaching methods because it relies on science rather than subjective human analysis.”

EQ-Equisense training moves leaps beyond traditional horsemanship and delivers riders unprecedented tools and technology to improve their own skills and their horses’ training. The EQ motto is: If you can see, you can fix it. EQ helps you see it.

EQ is also launching EQ Live–the premier equestrian destination for riders in all disciplines and all levels of experience. With EQ Live, you can learn, compete, and connect with other people who are passionate about horses. With a range of iPhone apps, DVDs, and online riding simulations, you can tune up your skills day or night whether at your stable or in your living room.

EQ-Equisense will also debut the EQ – Nutrena Change Your Game feed selector. The selector allows horse owners to match the right feeding program with their horses’ nutritional needs. This state-of-the-art system is available in the Nutrena pavilion in the downtown area at the International Equestrian Festival as well as EQ’s booth at the Horse Park–Booth #610.

Special demonstrations will take place at EQ’s booth twice a day. This is the first time EQ-Equisense will demonstrate the system to the public, previously code named SSNP (Super Secret Ninja Project), EQ will be unveiled on Saturday September 25th. Participants can register online at www.eqtrained.com <http://www.eqtrained.com/> or sign up at booth #610. Four lucky riders will be chosen daily to be evaluated by the EQ team led by Jane Savoie.

The public is welcome to visit Booth #610 at the Horse Park where you’ll have a chance to meet Jane and enter to win a chance to be evaluated by Jane Savoie’s amazing team of clinical experts. Experience the most revolutionary advancement in the industry for diagnosing, evaluating, and improving your riding skills!

EQ Equisense is proud to announce our growing list of partners, Cetyl M and Fortiflex.

For press contacts:

Peter E Raymond
EQ Equisense Systems
praymond@eqtrained.com <mailto:praymond@eqtrained.com>

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One Response to EQ – Equisense Systems Unveils a Revolution in Equestrian Sports at The World Equestrian Games

  1. katie says:

    How does one register for the EQ Quisense on-line… the links above do not work… I have signed up on the EQ website.

    I’ll be at WEG in THREE sleeps… I’m sooooo excited!!!

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