Dressage Trainer Jane Savoie’s New EQ-Equisense Training Center Features Innovative Technology

Dressage Trainer Jane Savoie’s New EQ Equisense Training Center Features Innovative Technology
by Karin Glassman
Innovation. Dressage Training. Two seemingly incongruous concepts. Principles of classical dressage remain
founded upon principles that trace back to Xenophon in 400 B.C. However, in 2010, Jane Savoie
succeeded in revolutionizing dressage by merging cutting-edge 21st century technology with traditional
dressage training and teaching methodology.
At the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Jane Savoie’s company Equisense, Inc. debuted EQ
SmartTack to wide acclaim. Followed by an additional six months of extensive field-testing, this innovative
product continues to receive unanimous praise. Rider after rider – whether 15 or 50 years old, whether a
professional or pleasure rider, whether a dressage aficionado, foxhunter, western reiner, or paraequestrian
– is astonished at the subtle yet effective position, balance, and muscle memory changes that
can be attained in a mere 15-minute demonstration evaluation. Imagine the potential for achievement with
access to EQ technology on a regular basis!
EQ SmartTack is saddlery that is retrofitted with strategically placed sensors in the seat, flaps, stirrups,
and reins. The EQ SmartTack saddle transmits precise information about your balance, symmetry, leg
pressure and positioning, enabling your instructor to “see” below the surface. Sensors embedded in the
EQ SmartTack stirrups provide additional essential information to let you know if the stirrups are correctly
weighted for the exercise being performed. EQ SmartTack reins provide instant feedback about the
quality of your connection with the horse’s mouth via sensors embedded within the reins. Armed with this
information, you can correct uneven rein pressure and develop a more consistent, elastic contact.
Sensory data is transmitted wirelessly to an iPad or iMac computer for instantaneous viewing and
interpretation by your instructor. By providing a virtual magnifying glass to examine heretoforeimperceptible
elements of a student’s balance, position, and cues, corrections are immediate and
accurate. This remarkable system skyrockets a student’s learning curve while also making learning fun.
The EQ SmartTack system is designed for use on a real horse during an actual training session. It can
also be used on the “Equicizer”, for warming up, for instructional purposes, for riding during inclement
weather, or just for fun and fitness in any indoor setting. The Equicizer is a safe, mechanical horse that is
operated by the same muscles employed while riding. This simulated riding experience, combined with
precise sensory data relayed by the EQ proprietary software, and augmented by specific “buzz words”
provided by the EQ instructor to trigger new muscle memories, results in remarkable immediate and
sustained performance improvement.
After 35 years as a dressage instructor, Jane Savoie’s recognition of the unique challenges faced by
riders and instructors was the genesis of EQ-Equisense, Inc. It is often those subtle yet visibly imperceptible
imbalances in a rider’s position or use of the aids that exert significant detrimental effects upon
performance. Riders can also be frustrated by their lack of natural “feel”, resulting in confusion about how
to use their bodies to effectively communicate with their horse. Similarly, instructors struggle with how to
teach “feel”, or kinesthetic awareness.

Jane joined forces with Peter E. Raymond, President of Human Condition, LLC, and a leading innovator

in immersive simulation technology that recreates physical experiences through a digital medium.

The EQ SmartTack products were developed with the assistance of Dr. Hilary Clayton at the

renowned McPhail Equine Performance Center at Michigan State University, where she has

developed sophisticated technology to study equine and equestrian biomechanics.
In June 2011, Equisense, Inc. will be premiering the very first EQ Certified Training Center by Jane
Savoie at Mistover Farm in Pawling, NY, a state-of-the-art horse boarding and training facility on 160
beautiful rolling acres, conveniently located within a one-hour drive from New York City. EQ Certified
Training Centers by Jane Savoie feature EQ SmartTack and the most up-to-date EQ software
installations, specially trained EQ instructors, and meet rigorous standards for horse management and
training. For more information about EQ SmartTack and EQ Certified Training Centers by Jane Savoie, or

to join the EQ community, go to www.eqtrained.com.

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