Jane Savoie’s Tips For A Great Ride Every Day

Do you want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting perfection. Rather than looking at training and competing in black or white terms, learn to see things in “shades of gray”.

The key to seeing shades of gray is to recognize when things are just
“a little bit better”. For example, when you think of your ride, ask
yourself if:
• Were your hands a little quieter?
• Did you sit a bit more centered today?
• Did you keep your eyes up for more of your ride than you did
• Were you able to use your legs, hands or seat a bit more
independently? That is, when you used your legs, did your
hands stay somewhat quieter than last week?
• Did you remember to use your legs before your hands more
• Did you control your emotions a bit better so that you were
more relaxed, patient, brave, or calm?
• Did you stay slightly more focused throughout your ride?
• Did you remember to breathe more often?
• Did you reward your horse for every effort he made that was a
bit closer to what you want as a finished product?
As long as things keep getting “a little bit better”, pretty soon you’ll
be riding “a whole lot better”.


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2 Responses to Jane Savoie’s Tips For A Great Ride Every Day

  1. opheliajasmin says:

    This is wonderful

  2. I can really relate to your articule. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I can get very stressed when I am training for a competition and things aren’t going as good as I would have hoped. Great tips!

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