Dressage Academy-Shining A Light on Learning


I’m excited to tell you that I’m going full steam ahead with Dressage Academy!!

The first event will be The Art of Teaching-Shining A Light On Learning.

My goal with this program is twofold:

  • To help instructors empower their students by teaching dressage in a language that people can understand.
  •  To give riders the “Why” and “How” of training so you can become more effective and independent.

The first event will be at the USEF headquarters in Gladstone, New Jersey on October 27-30.

Check out the details at www.SavoieDressageAcademy.com. Even though registration doesn’t officially open until June 1, it’s a good idea to pre-register now to hold your spot because space is limited

Looking forward to “shining a light on learning”!

Live your dreams!


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7 Responses to Dressage Academy-Shining A Light on Learning

  1. Cherlyn says:

    Your article on “Sitting the Trot” was posted on Cloud’s Horse Tack blog and I found it very helpful. The article linked to your blog which was great because otherwise I would not have found you!

  2. janesavoie says:

    Fantastic, Cherlyn! Enjoy!

  3. Your articles are always very helpful and you have excellent writing. Best of luck with the event!

  4. If you want to own dressage horses then you are going to need dressage horse trainers. The reason for this is that there are so many different parts of the dressage horse trainers art that the rider and horse must master and be aware of.

  5. Elvira says:

    Hi I’m just getting back into horses, I bought my own horse and was doing well on him until I was thrown from another horse i was looking at buying for someone else, since than I am really neirvey on my boy sometimes he will just stop dead and start to back up when I ask him to move on, can you help please

  6. horse riding tips says:

    “Wow, great post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.”
    Duh…… sorry, did not read through the many posts. I see the one above mine has the answer I used to be looking for. Thanks!
    horse riding tips

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